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Ego Likeness

"When The Wolves Return"


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Release: 2015
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Ego Likeness - When The Wolves Return CD

Ego Likeness, the long running musical project of artist Steven Archer and writer Donna Lynch, presents the long awaited new album. The duo blends powerful female vocals with elements of electronica, darkwave, trip hop, and rock.

In the time between ‘Breedless’ and ‘When the Wolves return’, Donna and Steven faced a series of personal battles… sickness. Deaths. Personal demons. The couple found themselves in dark places. The resultant years of struggle, tribulations, and eventual triumph are all represented in the new album. As Donna says, “You will hear all of this on it. Not in specific words, but it’s all there, in metaphor. It is the hardest thing I’ve had to write yet, lyrically.”

The album is, at its core, an artistic act of emotional self-evisceration. It is the product of pain felt and caused. Of suffering and loss and chaos and desperation. It is a confessional; it is words and sounds that have come from fighting back, and from the growth to understand that the Wolve are still out there. The album is beautiful and it is at times heart shattering. It is also a glorious testament to survival and strength.
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1.Leave A Light On, Thomas
3.En Rouge
4.New Legion
5.Oracle 06 Mercy
6.I Let You
8.Persona Non Grata
9.Treacherous Thing
11.When The Wolves Return