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Release: 2015
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Eis - Bannstein CD

With their fifth studio album "Bannstein", Eïs maintain their status as one of the most integral Black Metal bands in the German-speaking world when it comes to concepts, lyrics and atmosphere. With years of experience under their belt, Eïs have composed and arranged more diverse songs for "Bannstein" than ever. Dark, menacing Black Metal with classic Nordic riffs and majestic fury is still focal, yet ultimately only the foundation of the album; on "Bannstein", multifaceted Extreme Metal conflates with profound verse to create a multidimensional whole.
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1.Ein Letztes Menetekel
2.Im Noktuarium
3.Über Den Bannstein
4.Fern Von Jarichs Gärten
5.Im Schoß Der Welken Blätter