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Release: 2009
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Eisheilig - Imperium CD

"Imperium" is the answer to the current crisis, transformed into music. "Imperium" sees Eisheilig release a gloomy reckoning with the here and now. More clearly than ever before, Eisheilig touch on society's sore points. "Imperium" is a call to stand up against a world ruled by ignorance, apathy and manipulated information.

Away from the gruesome lyrics ...
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1.Imperium Der Schande
3.Tanz Das Kapital
4.New World Order Pt. 1
5.Erben Der Erde
6.Die Stunde Null
7.Das Letzte Gericht
8.New World Order Pt. 2
9.Krieg Dieses Planeten
11.Blut Der Wölfe
12.Now We Leave
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