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Electro Spectre

"Essentials (Reworked Hits & Remixes)"


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Release: 2016
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Electro Spectre - Essentials (Reworked Hits & Remixes) 2CD

Limited edition of strictly 500 hand-numbered copies!

File Under: Electro-Pop/Dark Noir/New Wave The story of the Norwegian Electropop heroes continues! After the only recently released album ‘Beautiful Lies”, this massive double-CD compiles the best of the best in ALL NEW versions + Remixes. CD1 is a "best-of" collection of ELECTRO SPECTRE songs - all tracks totally reworked & remastered for this release! CD2 "Remixes" contains different remixes, which were are selected personally by Isak Rypdal for this release.

'Essentials' is the platinum collection ...
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1.You Push For The World
2.Our Love Is A Criminal
3.Dancing Girl
4.The River
5.Love Thief
6.Never Let Go
7.The Human Stain
9.Tokyo Shuffle
11.Graveyard Eyes
12.The Bell
13.Yet It's Love
16.Behind The Perfect Face
17.As Long As It Pays
20.Flaming Red
21.Bullets & Desert Blooms
22.Superstar (Ck Fairchild Rmx)
23.Your Love Is A Criminal (Christofer Nergaard & Cks Vibe Of Vice Rmx)
24.Never Let Go (Ck Lovepop Rmx)
25.Love Thief (Retromode Mix)
26.You Push For The World (Mike Maximus Rmx)
27.Heartbeat (Martin Rudefelt Rmx)
28.America (Retromode Rmx)
29.Dancing Girl (2016 Re-Edit)
30.Your Love Is A Criminal (Model 1)
31.Monster (Empty Pipes Mix)
32.Graveyard Eyes (Kir Royal Mix)
33.The Human Stain (Ck Club Mix)
34.Dancing Girl (Sonny Sonance Rmx)
35.Heartbeat (S.p.e.c.t.r.e. Raw Club Edit)
36.You Push For The World (Apodyopsis Rmx)
37.Monster (Pump Mix)
38.Heartbeat (Crab Key Labs Distressor Mix)
39.Never Let Go (Robopop Electronica)