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Electro Spectre

"Watch it All turn (2015 Deluxe Re-issue)"


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Release: 2015
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Electro Spectre - Watch it All turn (2015 Deluxe Re-issue) CD

File Under: Electro-Pop/Dark Noir/New Wave

Six years ago, ELECTRO SPECTRE released their first official album "Watch it All turn", which actually exploded on the electro-pop scene and was immediately awarded one of the best albums of 2009 by both critics and countless fans and catapulted the completely unknown band from Norway to one of the most talked about acts to watch by fans of ‘electro romance’. Electro Spectre play classic electro/new wave in the early style of Depeche Mode, Alphaville, A-Ha, Camouflage. The original version of this album was released on the band’s own label ‘Crab Key’ but is deleted for years – a re-release was high in demand!

But beware: This is not just a simple re-press – not only it contains a 5 bonus-tracks (including two original demos) but a number of songs have been completely re-arranged and radically re-mixed in new arrangements: A sort of upgraded ‘Scandinavian Electro-Sound’, sometimes even reminding COVENANT Some fans still believe, that "Watch it All turn" was and continues to be the best album in ELECTRO SPECTRE’s discography and this new edition will further strengthen their believe…
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2.Six Strings From Hell
3.You Wear The Jesus
4.Ruler Of My Kingdom
5.Yet It’S Love
7.Shine On Lover
8.Night In Japan
9.Addict Of Love
10.Strange Pictures
11.Subsoil Babylon
12.Watch It All Turn
13.You Wear The Jesus (Demo)
14.Strange Pictures (Uk Version)
15.The Holy Show (Demo)
16.Monster (German Version)
17.Bleeding (Riff Raff Dub)