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"Art Support Machine"


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Release: 2014
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Electrosexual - Art Support Machine PLP

Debut album from the french producer, including the singles Tempelhof, Lay My Eye and Automatic People and vocal guests: Hard Ton (Killekill) & Hanin Elias (ex-Atari Teenage Riot).artwork by Lukas Julius Keijser & Philip Marshall.

Retrofuturistic analogue electronics and kaleidoscopic synths

limited edition picture Disc 180gr with Insert including lyrics.
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Label:Rock Machine Records
1.The Soul Of The Machine. 2:00
2.Tempelhof. 4:04
3.Art Support Machine. 3:48
4.Silver Soul. 4:26
5.Fetish (Asfr) 5:34
6.I'm Your Machine. (Feat. Hard Ton) 3:58
7.The Way They Make You Feel. 6:20
8.Automatic People. (Feat. Hanin Elias) 4:01
9.Crystal Flesh. 5:00
10.Lay My Eye. 4:40
11.Out Of Place.4:25