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Empusae & Klankdal

"Split Album (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Empusae & Klankdal - Split Album (Limited Edition) CD

Limited edition of strictly 300 copies!

It has become a yearly tradition that during the 'Gentse Feesten' (the Ghent City Festival) Consouling Store and Wool-E Shop join forces and become the Con-Wool-E-Store. Both enterprises also release and promote music, and also try to find occasions to collaborate. For this year’s collaboration Consouling Sounds has asked Empusae to partake in the split release. Empusae is the moniker of Nicolas ‘Sal Ocin’ Van Meirhaege. He has built on an impressive back catalogue of organic, ritual, electro-acoustic, ambient, doom and post-industrial soundtracks.

Wool-E Discs invited Klankdal to ...
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1.Empusae: Reciprocité Du Melange
2.Empusae: Smell Of Drones
3.Empusae: The Woods Have Eyes
4.Klankdal: Live At Logos Foundation