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Empusae & Shinkiro



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Release: 2011
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Empusae & Shinkiro - Organic.Aural.Ornaments CD

Empusae is a project created by Sal-Ocin who is also a member of various other projects such as This Morn' Omina, Tzolk'in, Project Arctic and also works as a live member of Ah Cama-Sotz and in slaughter natives. Sal-Ocin is always open-minded about working together with other artists, as can be heard on this album: a liaison with Manabu Hiramoto a.k.a. Shinkiro from Osaka, japan who collaborated with artists like contagious orgasm, hybryds and jack or jive, and who has also made releases under the name Kotodama.

"Organic.Aural.Ornaments" is based mostly on ...
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1.First Ornament
2.Second Ornament
3.Third Ornament
4.Fourth Ornament
5.Fifth Ornament
6.Sixth Ornament