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"Sphere From The Woods"


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Release: 2013
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Empusae - Sphere From The Woods CD

since the very beginning, the addition of acoustic instruments and tribal, ritualistic influences have been an integral part of the omnipresent electronic soundscapes of empusae. these significant aspects have also been reflected in many of this project's album titles, like f.e. 'the hatred of trees' and 'organic.aural.ornaments'. for his present work, nicolas van meirhaeghe's influences were mainly centred around nature - woods, forests and trees, as well as paintings by his artist friend christel morvan (nesisart), who created the main theme for the album's artwork. empusae has the talent and the gift to turn all these disparate artifacts into a mature piece of sound.'sphere from the woods' is the perfect fusion of natural, organic elements and advanced electronics. it blends a huge variety of acoustic sources, ranging from synthesizers, processed field recordings, ethnical percussions and guitars to quite unusual acoustic instruments like psaltery, chains, plates and several kinds of wood. orchestral arrangements combined with touching melody lines and precisely set rhythmic syncopation generate an enthralling amalgam of atmospheric ambiance and cinematic elements with a deep ceremonious flow.

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1.Ritual For Saille
2.Sphère Des Bois
3.Into The Abyss Of The Forest
4.Cadence Chamanique