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Ende Shneafliet

"The Trmpett Years 1981-83"



Release: 2014
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Ende Shneafliet - The Trmpett Years 1981-83 5LP

ENDE SHNEAFLIET formed in Heiloo, The Netherlands, in June 1981.53,99 EuroInitially a three piece band called King Ende Shneafliet, featuring a guest drummer - who was early on swapped for a drum machine - the group soon expanded to a five man studio collective that composed and recorded more than 70 tracks in little more than 2 years time, in always changing combinations of 2 or 3 members.Ende Shneafliet released 3 cassette albums on the Trumpett label (also home of The Actor and Doxa Sinistra): "Animals From Outer Space" (TRUM 0003 / September 1981), "Harde Winters Anno 1982" (TRUM 0009/ February 1982) and "Symphoy Romant" (TRUM 0016 / March 1983).They played a live set featuring all previously unheard material for the VPRO radio show Spleen on September 13, 1983, which was released on cassette through Staalplaat (TRUM 0020-ST00O /1988). Shortly after their performance for the VPRO they called it a day.Members: Edwin Brinkhuis, Frank Brinkhuis, Brian Dommisse, Hanjo Erkamp, Jan Popma.Influences (in no particular order): punk/new wave, Prince Far I/Augustus Pablo, Parliament/Bootsy Collins, Roxy Music/Eno, King Crimson/Fripp, Kraftwerk, Stanley Clarke, Weather Report, Tangerine Dream, The White Noise, Jean Michel Jarre,Synergy ('Cords'), Zappa/Beefheart, Pink Floyd ("Ummagumma" to "Meddle"), Public Image Limited, John Foxx, YMO, Telex, Minny Pops, early Factory Records.This 5 LP box set is the ultimate anthology of their works recorded between 1981 and 83 and includes the 3 officially released tapes plus a live concert and several out-takes, demos andobscurities from the Trumpett-Archive

  • LP1 26:52) / 26:43) Animals From Outer Space
  • LP2 (23:36) / 24:04) Harde Winters Anno 1982 / Related tracks 1981-82
  • LP3 (19:42) / (20:53) Symphoy Romant
  • LP4 (21:58) / (24:02) Spleen Concert 18.9.1983 & Demos
  • LP5 A-side (23:43) / (24:57) Related tracks 1982-83 / pre-Ende Shneafliet 1981
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