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"The Mindsweep: Hospitalised"


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Release: 2015
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Enter Shikari - The Mindsweep: Hospitalised 2LP

"The Mindsweep: Hospitalised" ist eine Zusammenarbeit zwischen Enter Shikari und dem Londoner Label Hospital Records, welches seit seiner Gründung 1996 zu den führenden Drum & Bass Labels weltweit gehört. Auf "The Mindsweep: Hospitalised" wurde jeder Track des im Januar erschienenen Studioalbums von einigen der angesehensten und innovativsten Drum & Bass-Künstlern bearbeitet, dazu zählen Größen wie Metrik, S.P.Y, Danny Byrd, London Elektricity und Keeno. Sänger Rou Reynolds erklärt: "We've always been big on our B-sides and remixes, with every album we've always tried to get a load of drum & bass remixes done. Hospital-wise we did one with High Contrast around the time of our second album 'Common Dreads', for instance. While we were making 'The Mindsweep' we started the idea of having a consolidated collection of just d'n'b tracks. Because 'The Mindsweep' is such a varied album we just thought it'd be quite interesting to see what a drum & bass take on each track would be, and Hospital's the one label that I personally have been into forever." "The Mindsweep: Hospitalised" erscheint als CD, 2LP mit coloured Vinyl (Orange) und Download
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1.The Appeal & The Mindsweep I (Metrik Remix)
2.The One True Colour (Keeno Remix)
3.Anaesthetist (Reso Remix)
4.The Last Garrison (S.p.y. Remix)
5.Never Let Go Of The Microscope (Etherwood Remix)
6.Myopia (Bop Remix)
7.Torn Apart (Hugh Hardie Remix)
8.Interlude (The Erised Remix)
9.The Bank Of England (Lynx Remix)
10.There's A Price On Your Head (Danny Byrd Remix)
11.Dear Future Historians (London Elektricity Remix)
12.The Appeal & The Mindsweep Ii (Krakota Remix)
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