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"Black God Of The Hunt"


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Release: 2013
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ErilaZ - Black God Of The Hunt CD

ErilaZ returns with an album unlike anything you have heard before. Cleverly mixing Industrial Metal & EBM, this versatile full-length has more depth and f#ck-off attitude than the previous release, while also staying true to the mythological and occult themes typical to this Finnish trio.
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Label:Danse Macabre
Label's catalogue number:6414311DM
2.Straight Line
3.New World Disorder
4.Kuolema Sinut Tänä Syksynä Korjaa
6.The Successor
7.If I Die Today
8.Unknown Dark Horizons
9.Resurrection Of Wotan
10.The Architect
11.I'm Alive Again
12.July Cries