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Escuadron De La Muerte

"Birds Of Pain And Blood"



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Escuadron De La Muerte - Birds Of Pain And Blood CDR

Limited to 200 copies in transparent DVD case with feather.

Infos about the album:Escuadron de la Muerte with the characteristic apocalyptic sound is back and debut in Steinklang Industries label! "Birds of pain and blood" begins with a irruption opening into a world of modern warfare, lost voices of war in radio, following to obsessions of pain and murder. A atmosphere of forensic reports describes corpses in cold industrial sounds.

Vultures are in the artwork, the only bird that is behind the prey, no matter how long can walk, the vulture is just waiting so finally death comes and the dinner of the flesh eaters is done, it is the endless persecution, you see the feathers fall in the air, the smell of blood, and the red iron boiling.

Escuadron de la Muerte is here,... the omnious and constant fist of death!
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