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Esplendor Geometrico

"Comisario De La Luz/Blanco De... (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2011
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Esplendor Geometrico - Comisario De La Luz/Blanco De... (Limited Edition) LP

Vinyl re-release of this cult album in heavy quality (150 grams), strictly limited and numbered to 600 copies and with printed inner sleeve! Esplendor Geometrico's second album, recorded in 1985 - now available again in it's original format, for the first time in 20 years!

After the debut LP 'Héroe del Trabajo...' (1982) and a long period of little activity, E.G. reappeared in 1986 with Comisario de la Luz/Blanco de Fuerza. A record of obscure, rough and squeak sound in which they showed that, in spite of the elapsed time from the previous album, E.G. had their ideas clearer than never. Subsonic frequencies ('Comisario de la Luz II'), minimal rhythms ('Blanco de Fuerza II'), and even melodic lines - congenially distorted ('Blanco de Fuerza III') - certify a record which recovers the noise spirit from the beginnings of the band.
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1.Comisario De La Luz I
2.Comisario De La Luz II
3.Comisario De La Luz III
4.Comisario De La Luz IV
5.Blanco De Fuerza I
6.Blanco De Fuerza II
7.Blanco De Fuerza III
8.Blanco De Fuerza IV