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"A Passage In Time Vol. 2"


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Release: 2011
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E.S.R. - A Passage In Time Vol. 2 CD

E.S.R is back with a special compilation of unreleased songs and remixes taken from the band's archives. Pounding beats, synthetic melodies and complex soundscapes will keep you moving from the beginning till the end! Following the first volume released in 2006, 'A Passage In Time Vol.2' is more than a standard compilation, most of the songs have been re-recorded in order to bring you the best quality and match today's standards. 'A Passage In Time Vol.2' will take you on a trip through E.S.R history, exploring all the facets of the band's dark electro atmospheres including unreleased remixes by the band from the acclaimed songs 'Final rebellion', 'Regression', 'It hurts' and 'Tinnitus'.
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Label's catalogue number:AD-HUN-54-CD
1.Run Away
5.It Hurts (Dark Orchestral Remix)
6.The Devil In Me
7.Tinnitus (Edited Remix)
8.Dead Zone (Left In Ruins Remix)
9.Torment (Remix)
10.Final Rebellion (Reconstructed Mix)
11.Post-industrial (Corroded Remix)
12.Regression (Analog Remix)
13.C4 (Demo)