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"Entropy + Corroded Fragments"


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Release: 2015
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E.S.R. - Entropy + Corroded Fragments 2CD

After the debut album "Distorted Visions" a new album entitled "Entropy" was recorded in 2001/2002. "Entropy" was sent to the label buti t wasnot released. New songs were recorded leading to a tantative double cd "Corrosion / Fragments" plus a limited extra cd "Assemblage" including remixes by ESR and other bands which was supposed to the released by a new label...but it never saw the light of day..Finally i selected songs among all the recordings and came up with "Corroded Fragments", which was released in 2003 in two slightly different versions via legendary american label DSBP and german Wire productions.A few songs and remixes from that period were released later in 2005 on the very limited cd-r "A Passage In Time V.1" and a few others appear on "A Passage In Time V.2" (2011).12 years later iam glad to present to you both "Entropy" and "Corroded Fragments" along with unreleased or rare remixes, all of them re-mastered.I hope you will that new collectable DCD as much as i enjoyed writting those tracks in the early years.
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1.Contamination 5:36
2.Run Away 5:46
3.Self Destruction 5:16
4.Dark Sky 6:43
5.Falling Apart 5:26
6.Dead Zone 5:59
7.Blackout 5:41
8.Re-Programmed 5:07
9.Eternal Agony 5:48
10.Entropy 4:48
11.Self Destruction (Disjointed Remix) 5:45
12.Re-Programmed (Damaged Brain Cell Remix) 6:08
13.Contamination (Total Terror Mix) 4:44
14.Eternal Agony (Drowning In Time Remix) 3:33
15.Free My Soul 5:43
16.Synthetic Stimulant (Internal Corrosion Remix) 4:57
17.Ultra-Violence 4:36
18.Final Rebellion (Insurrectional Mix) 5:47
19.Fright 4:58
20.Losing Control 5:24
21.Burning Hell 5:18
22.Torment 4:58
23.Blackout (Regrip) 4:47
24.New Life 3:24
25.Re-Programmed (Brain Washing Mix) 5:13
26.Final Rebellion (Assembled Mix) 5:36
27.Free My Soul (Self Dissection Remix) 5:10
28.Losing Control (Tortured Remix) 5:35
29.Final Rebellion (Gravitational Extended Remix) 7:20