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Essence Of Mind

"Insurrection (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2008
Status: Sold out
Essence Of Mind - Insurrection (Limited Edition) 2CD

With their powerful and aggressive "Insurrection", the Norwegian duo does not bother about wars or politics, instead they would rather spit their rage against human's stupidity and brainlessness. Between fiction and reality, their engaged music hits you straight in the face and condemns acts and behaviours that we sadly enough encounter all the time in our daily lives. It is definitely not everyday that Norway bears a new electronic fruit. However, history has shown us that with bands like Apoptygma berzerk, Icon Of Coil or yet Combichrist, the Norwegian seal is a guarantee for skill and quality. Created in the spring of 2006, Oslo's up-and-coming electro duo Essence Of Mind will certainly maintain the excellence we have come to expect from Norwegian electronics! Their hard-hitting sonic assaults combine modern techno body music, pumping EBM bass-lines, catchy synth melodies and strong powerful vocals.The limited edition comes in a deluxe 2CD carton box with a bonus disc including several exclusive bonus tracks and remixes by Implant, Diskonnekted, Diffuzion etc.
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InfraRot item number:7388.001
Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Here To Play
2.Piss Artist
3.Original Poser
4.My Time
5.Crime Of Life
9.The Game
10.Queued Up
12.Flayed Principle
13.Pus It Back
15.Piss Artist (Bariuz Remix)
16.Queued Up (Crisk Mix)
17.Crime Of Life (Elec This Mix)
18.Deadheroes (Diffuzion Mix)
19.Wasted (Implant Mix)
20.My Time (Red 7 Electronic Assault Mix)
21.Crime Of Life (Autodafeh Mix)
22.Fake (Diskonnekted Mix)
23.Original Poser (Mind:state Mix)
24.Different (Tenseclubmix By Direction North)