InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann
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Release: 2015
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Evitaxal (Laxative Souls) + Le Cose Bianche (L.C.B.) - Circulated CD

Released at OEC label festival "X CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE" in Bologna, on October 31.

A split album offering the old vs the new Italian Power-Electronics Industrial sound. EVITAXAL is the new project by Roberto Marinelli who is better known for his old project LAXATIVE SOULS. LAXATIVE SOLULS was one of the oldest Industrial Power-Electronics projects appeared in Italy at the beginning of the 80s and Roberto together with Maurizio Bianchi and Mauthausen Orchestra was one of the old fathers of Italian Industrial. While LE COSE BIANCHE is the new and rising star on the Italian Power-Electronics firmament... For this split EVITAXAL and LCB join forces and demonstrates once more (if needed) that Italian

Power-Electronics is still alive and fighting. Try this old/new Italian harsh blend of uncompromising Power Electronics!
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Label:Old Europa Café