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"The Matrix Is Real-loaded"


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Release: 2006
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Exilanation - The Matrix Is Real-loaded CDR

Wiederveröffentlichung in witziger Medikamentenaufmachung mit 18 Tracks.
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InfraRot item number:2005.843
Label:Codeline Records
Label's catalogue number:CDL-002
1.The Matrix (Uncencored Version)
2.Stronghold (Guitar Mix)
3.Mindslavery (Rough Mix)
4.Confusion (Mechanical Moth Remix)
5.Antiist (Deewhy Remix)
6.Love Religion (Reconstructed)
7.Infinity (Live Recorded)
8.Antiist (Legacy Of Music Remix)
9.Confusion (Fabrikc Remix)
10.The Matrix (F.O.D. Remix)
11.Where Angels Fear To Be (1
13.The Arrival (Homecoming)
14.1 AM - Onethousand Beats (Exilanation Remake 2001)
15.Rotersand - Almost Violent (Exilanation Remix)
16.In Coma - Acid Team (Exilanation Remix)
17.Kartagon - Pure Love (Exilanation Remix)
18.Access Denied - The Way (Exilanation Remix)
19.Pandique - Liebt Jeden (Exilanation Unplugged)