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Release: 2011
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FabrikC - Widerstand CD

After 4 long years of work, FabrikC finally return onto the scene with their album 'Widerstand' (Resistance) and the Dance-Floors will sigh with relief! Expect it to be LOUD again! A cold wave of high pressure is coming your ways, more powerful and loud than ever before! After the club-hits 'Chinese Food', '100% ELEKTRONIK' and 'x3' the next potential hits are heading out for the clubs all over the world. An immense tremor will take possession of you, when you will be able to hear what FabrikC have prepared to set the world on fire again with Decibels heavily reinforced by kicks and basses!

The very distinctive and unique ...
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InfraRot item number:2010.043
Label:Pro Noize
1.Maschinenbefehl (Intro)
2.Zu Laut
3.Tempus Fugit
4.Coup Bas
5.Widerstand (Album Version)
9.Pandoras Box
12.Fastkill Alarm Kubikelfe
13.X4 (Phosgore Remix)
14.Widerstand (Mordacious Remix)
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