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Factice Factory

"The White Days"


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Release: 2014
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Factice Factory - The White Days CD

Factice Factory is a French and Swiss Cold Wave band composed of Fabrice Lefebvre (RAJNA), Théotime Lefebvre (Thermafrost) and songwritter François Ducarn which was created in 2013. Factice Factory is a free and openminded structure which does not seek to be catalogued into any particular musical niche but sees itself as an experimental sound laboratory. The bands work and evolution relies on the various musical influences of each of its members. Fabrice Lefebvre is well known for his musical curiosity and confirmed involvement for the band RAJNA for more than 17 years. Théotime loves to experiment and to mix various sound structures be it Ambient, Noisy-Rock, Drones or Post-Rock. He made himself known through his personnal pro- ject Thermafrost. François is a longtime follower of the so-called Post-Punk scene with a true passion for photography and rock history.
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3.Wie Raben
4.Cold (The Cure Cover)
5.Hour Glass