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"Black Friday"



Release: 2010
Status: Sold out
Faderhead - Black Friday CD

Less than one year after releasing the acclaimed "Horizon Born EP", German electromeister Faderhead is back with his most ambitious project to date: "Black Friday".

The 16-song concept album tells the story of a Friday night gone wrong, from the end of the work day, to the fun of the club to the inevitable crash and all the chaos in between.

With "Black Friday", Faderhead continues pumping out the guaranteed awesomeness that his legion of fans have come to expect, upping the ante again with his infectious melodies, emotional lyrics, and the powerful trademark Faderhead beats that have been destroying worldwide club floors since FH1.

Like any good party Faderhead brought along some friends for the ride, including guest vocalists Chris Pohl (Blutengel/Terminal Choice), Ted Phelps (Imperative Reaction), and fellow L-Tracks artist Shaolyn ("Face Down").
InfraRot sales rank:875
InfraRot item number:2007.300
Label:L-Tracks Records
Label's catalogue number:LT006
2.Escape From The Machine
3.Hot Bath And A Cold Razor
4.The Moth And The Fire
5.Baby Firefly
6.Destroy Improve Rebuild
7.Aim To Misbehave
8.Pussy Rules (Feat. Shaolyn)
9.The Way To Fuck God
10.Beautiful Freak
11.The Bitch I Love To Hate (Feat. Chris Pohl)
12.Do You Know Who I Think I Am? (Feat. Ted Phelps)
14.Corpus Crisis
16.Regaining Unconsciousness