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First Black Pope



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Release: 2013
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First Black Pope - Ex-communication CD

Italy attacks! First Black Pope is back! And the band around shouter and stage-berserker Scar is bringing you the massive new album “Ex-communication”, a thunderstorm of hard beats, ultra-low-end bass lines and aggro-screams, masterfully augmented by catchy and fat Electro-soundscapes and cynically evil lyrics. Industrial + hardstyle + a healthy dose of blasphemy, a sort of dancefloor-filler mystical experience … and never before have the Italian psychos driven their sound to such utter perfection as on this latest onslaught of sound.
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Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-79-cd
1.Final Solution.
3.Plastic Nursery.
4.Baptized In Blood.
6.The Curse.
7.Slow Death.
8.Psychic Secretions.
9.Black Body Radiation.
11.Artificial Void.
12.War Party (Feat. Ira K Organisation)