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First Law

"A Future So Bright"


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Release: 2012
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First Law - A Future So Bright CD

In it's 20 years of existence - meanwhile the mastermind Andreas Wahnmann also has been active in several other musical projects - First Law released six full length CDs up to now and developed a trademark in sound research that is truly genre defying.

The album title and the cover art for this magical 7th album stand in strong contrast to the musical content and the album manifests its ironical and deliberately conflicting nature right from the start. Deep and throbbing rhythmic patterns, endless layers of guitars droning and manipulated vocals are opposed by disturbingly beautiful melodies. The complexity of the recordings just emphasizes its depressing nature and takes the listener on a journey through sound and emotion.

'A Future So Bright' is nothing less than an outstanding sound-scape that flows like a hallucinatory maelstrom and marks the darkest release of First Law so far.
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Label's catalogue number:LOKI 58
1.The Mother Of All Storms
2.Low Spirits Meme
3.To The Heart
5.Time Distortions
8.Confederacy Of Dunces
9.Fortune Frowns You