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"Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs"


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Release: 2006
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Fjernlys - Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs 2CD

The songs layer cosmic and synthetic sounds and go on tracing according to the principle harmony in the music, their acoustic space seems very expansive, it is by no means over-crowded, voices creeping crosswise into sounds and effects to lunar spheres and solar places, exactly the correct nuance at refinement not only to remain in the ear but also simply very charming. Sometimes the central sequence takes surprising twists in some recordings and the density of sounds became touchable. Behind this project hides one of the Inade Masterminds, who recorded nine tracks supported from several musicians, those clearly possesses more songcharacter than the work which appeared from the Lightchannel so far, five remixes and interpretations of Antlers Mulm, Bad Sector, First Law and Lovespell on the second CD support the complex character of the whole release and expand the b order to a new style of Ambient Songs. Ace - Clear - Pure.
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Label's catalogue number:LOKI 42
1.Flash Crimson
2.Intermediate Nature
3.All Sun's Ceaseless Falling
4.Trunkene Flut
5.Lunar Sphere
6.Rising To A Challenge
7.Solar Loka
8.Nocturnal Wine
9.Enduring Surviving
10.Intermediate Nature (Bad Sector Rmx)
11.Lunar Sphere (Alternative Version)
12.Nocturnal Wine (Antlers Mulm Rmx)
13.Trunkene Flut (Lovespell Rmx)
14.All Sun's Ceaseless Falling (First Law Rmx)