InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Fokewulf 190

"The First & Second Side Of The Mystic Synth"


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Release: 2015
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-3 weeks
Fokewulf 190 - The First & Second Side Of The Mystic Synth 2LP

This limited 400 2Lp in gatefold-sleeve presents the last and long overdue work of the highly influential, enigmatic & near mythical Italo-Group Fockewulf 190 As Protagonists to the Dark Side of Italo Disco evolving and developing in the mid 80’s music-scene, they influenced countless newborn artists all over the globe.

This newly recorded Studio-LP in ...
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1.A1 New World 4:08
2.A2 Walking Out 5:47
3.A3 Magic World 5:01 (New Version)
4.A4 Aleyon 4:12
5.A5 Voices 4:04
6.B1 Future In The Past 4:11
7.B2 We Are Colder 5:10 (New Version)
8.B3 Over Again 2:37
9.B4 He's A Liquid 3:12
10.B5 Orient Express 6:32 (New Version)
11.B6 Blue Rain 3:06
12.A1 The Midnight Sun 3:58 Music By Victor Life - S Nonnis - Original Demo 86 Remi
13.A2 The Breathe Of The Universe 6:25 Music By Victor Life - Leo Learchi Original
14.A3 Monodance 7:35 Music By Victor Life - Maurizio Piazza - Original Demo 86 - Re
15.B1 Aliens - Spoke To Russia Flight Controllers 6:56 Music By Victor Life - S Non
16.B2 In The Rooms Of Memory 4:46 Music By Victor Life - S Nonnis - Original Demo 8
17.B3 Infinity Music 4:51 By Victor Life - S Nonnis - Original Demo 86 - Remix 2013
18.B4 In The Court Of The Seven Sun 1:23 Music By Victor Life And S Nonnis - Origin