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F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay

"His Master's Void"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay - His Master's Void CD

This avant-garde solo project of Luigi Maria Mennella constantly evolves, dating back to 1990! Each of his recordings is different and inaugurates the transition to a duo-lineup with this concept album focused on deconstruction and re-arrangement in a contemporary way of old XX century songs. Starting from Musique Concrète research, passing through electroacoustic music experimentations, stretching to Industrial extremism, the tracks of this album plan to fill a technological void and pull the “cover” classic conception down according to a wider spectre of expressive instruments with which translate the intuitions of these authors of the past, to whom they pay a simply 'volcanic
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1.Alabama Song
2.Ballad Of The Soldier's Wife
3.Are You Lonesome Tonight
4.Balada Para Mi Muerte
5.Nuclear Love At Tiki Bar
7.Drunken Hearted Man
8.Guarda Che Luna
9.Mack The Knife