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Forrest Fang

"Letters to the farthest Star (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Forrest Fang - Letters to the farthest Star (Limited Edition) CD

In 4-panel eco-wallet. Limited edition of 300 copies!

Like messages from a universe without geographic borders, Fang blends organic electro-ambient passages with stringed and percussive instruments from China, Indonesia and Turkey. Emotional and at times melodic, Letters To The Farthest Star is an ambitious and deeply personal dispatch: a far-reaching exploration into the diverse electronic influences of Fang's unique "Fourth World" style.
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1.The Unreachable Lands - I. Sunsail
2.The Unreachable Lands - Ii. Song Of The Camel
3.The Unreachable Lands - Iii. Water Village
4.The Unreachable Lands - Iv. Hermitage
5.Burnt Offerings
6.Veldt Hypnosis
8.Seven Coronas
10.Lines To Infinity