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Release: August 2016
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Frak - UH006 2LP

Since 1987, Frak have been everyone's favourite, premier Swedish synthesizer-touching weirdos. Even if most people hadn't heard of them until 4 years ago. And yet, world of Frak is as long as it is wide. As blue as it is black. As ominous as it is glorious. As dirty as it is hairdryer. Sweet it is as yellow paper As. All of the above is a perfect example of how trying to convey what Frak is in the crass form of words is ultimately fruitless. Here is a double 12" vinyl product from Ultimate Hits featuring eight audio recordings from Frak: three men who have known each other since at least 1987. The sleeve was lovingly hand screen-printed at the studio of House of Traps, and features the colours commonly known as pink and black.
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1.Waiting Period
3.Bus To Abyss
4.No Adventure
6.Peace Ticket, One Way
8.Peace Ticket, Return
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