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"Porcelain Doll (Limited Edition)"


Release: 2012
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Freakangel - Porcelain Doll (Limited Edition) MCD

Strongly boosted by their second album 'Let it all end', the rising alternative industrial project from Estonia returns with this limited 11-track EP. Constructed around heavily fused electronics, melodic guitars, harsh vocals, hard-hitting beats and ghostly female backing vocals by Emelie Nicolai (Psy'Aviah), this song receives the remix treatment from brilliant artists like Skyla Vertex, Formalin, Suicidal Romance or yet Dawn Of Ashes to only name a few. Completely free reinterpretations putting the focus on the melody, and on the electro club feel, and again on the harsh and heavy atmosphere of this destructively emotional song... A deviant violent lovesong for all the bleeding hearts amongst you!

Cherry on the cake, the EP also features the exclusive track 'A Dozen New Scars'. Raw, heavy, uncompromising... simply Freakangel the way we all love them!
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Label:Alfa Matrix
Label's catalogue number:AM3049DJ
1.Porcelain Doll (Album Version)
2.P. Doll (Formalin Remix)
3.P. Doll (Suicidal Romance Remix)
4.P. Doll (Skyla Vertex Remix)
5.P. Doll (3 Passengers Left Remix)
6.P. Doll (Forgotten Sunrise Remix)
7.P. Doll (Tesla Coil Remix)
8.P. Doll (Incubite Remix)
9.P. Doll (Freaky Mind Remix)
10.P. Doll (Dawn Of Ashes Remix)
11.A Dozen New Scars