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Front Line Assembly

"FLAvour of the Weak (Black Vinyl)"


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Release: 2015
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Front Line Assembly - FLAvour of the Weak (Black Vinyl) 2LP

BLACK Vinyl edition in deluxe Gatefold-Sleeve and incl. 3 bonus-tracks

Front Line Assembly followed-up Hard Wired in 1997 with FLAvour of the Weak, a sample-laden record that spawned two singles and remixes from the likes of Tim Schuldt and Eat Static. The album was a departure from FLA's previous sound (though that can be said about every album from Bill Leeb and co), incorporating elements of drum 'n' bass, techno, and IDM into a very fresh take on industrial that would prove influential and before its time. Scene mag Culture Shock gave the record a perfect score, while Kerrang! and Naked Truth gave positive reviews.

This REMASTERED edition includes three bonus tracks taken from the Colombian Necktie single. The double vinyl is packaged in an exquisite gatefold sleeve, with a special silver metallic ink underlay that beautifully accentuates the original Dave McKean art.
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1.A1 Corruption
2.A2 Sado-Masochist
3.A3 Autoerotic
4.B1 Columbian Necktie
5.B2 Evil Playground
6.B3 Comatose
7.C1 Life=Leben
8.C2 Predator
9.C3 Bill In A Box
10.D1 Colombian Necktie (Goarge Mix By Tim Schuldt)
11.D2 Deadlock
12.D3 Electrocution