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Front Line Assembly

"Hard Wired (20th Anniversary)"


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Release: 2015
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Front Line Assembly - Hard Wired (20th Anniversary) 6LP

Format: 6LP vinyl boxset (1LP + 2LP gatefold + 3LP triple-gatefold wide-spine, inside lift-off lid boxset)

Very Special 20th anniversary BOX-SET release, containing the following:

• Hard Wired on 2LP double-gatefold vinyl, remastered from original tapes; on translucent blue vinyl• Live Wired on 3LP triple-gatefold vinyl, remastered from original tapes; on light blue opaque vinyl• Circuitry on 1LP vinyl, remastered from original tapes; on black vinyl• All remastering supervised by Greg Reely and Bill Leeb.• Deluxe lift-off lid style vinyl-sized collector's box.• The boxset is limited to 300 copies worldwide.
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