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Front Line Assembly

"Hard Wired (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Front Line Assembly - Hard Wired (Limited Edition) 2LP

20 years ago, Front Line Assembly unleashed on an unsuspecting and since then forever humbled industrial world, Hard Wired, one of the most memorable and highest impact recordings in the genre, period. With the electronic and EBM elements from their well-received Tactical Neural Implant mashed with the guitar-heavy style of Milennium, the duo of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber accomplished on these 10 tracks nothing short of a masterpiece. The album went on to sell in excess of 50,000 copies worldwide, spawned a world tour, and it was praised by the likes of Melody Maker. On the 20th anniversary release of Hard Wired, Artoffact Records presents a fully authorized vinyl edition of the album. The tracks are remastered for vinyl from the original tapes under the supervision of Greg Reely and Bill Leeb. The now-famous Dave McKean cover art has been painstakingly restored, and the beautiful edition is presented in a double-gatefold sleeve. The Predator remix of Circuitry is included as a bonus track.
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1.A1 Neologic Spasm
2.A2 Paralyzed
3.A3 Re-Birth
4.B1 Circuitry
5.B2 Mortal
6.B3 Modus Operandi
7.C1 Transparent Species
8.C2 Barcode
9.C3 Condemned
10.D1 Infra Red Combat
11.D2 Circuitry (Predator Mix)