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Front Line Assembly

"Plasticity (Red Vinyl)"


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Release: 2015
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Front Line Assembly - Plasticity (Red Vinyl) LP

Plasticity. Arguably the definitive Front Line Assembly song. And it never appeared on an album. Plasticity was released in 1996 following Hard Wired and was met with universal praise. The single, which is out of print for years, featured two versions of Plasticity including a remix by haujobb that went on to be a standard on club DJ playlists for years to come. The b-side, Replicant, also be-came iconic.

Nearly 20 years later, Artoffact Records reissues Plasticity on an unlikely format: 10" vinyl. The tracks from the single are remastered and the artwork has been restored to produce a beautiful sleeve. Side A (the FLA side) contains Plasticity and Replicant; Side B (the haujobb side) contains two Plasticity remixes by haujobb: the iconic haujobb remix that stormed clubs in the 90s, and also a long-lost almost never-heard remix, also by haujobb, called Dope Experience. This very rare remix has also been restored and remastered and was constructed by Daniel Myer in the mid-90s.

The Plasticity 10" is thus the definitive Plasticity collection; remastered, including a bonus remix, and with large-format beautiful Dave McKean artwork.
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1.A1 Plasticity
2.A2 Replicant
3.B1 Plasticity (Haujobb Remix)
4.B2 Plasticity (Dope Experience By Haujobb)