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Front Sonore/Barbarossa Umtrunk



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Release: 2012
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Front Sonore/Barbarossa Umtrunk - Apokatastasis CDR

This 11 track split CD (72min) in jewel case is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. Nice split album from this two military ambient actes from france! More history and past coping in dark ambient music composed and skillfully highlighted very diverse.
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InfraRot item number:2011.416
Label's catalogue number:SLCDR 144-12
1.Mahapralaya (Front Sonore)
2.Al Maut Li Israel (Front Sonore)
3.A Travers L'Europe (Sinweldi Tribute) (Barbarossa Umtrunk)
4.Marmara Turc (Front Sonore)
5.Tango A Kali (Barbarossa Umtrunk)
6.Shadows (Front Sonore)
7.Le Lion Du Desert (Barbarossa Umtrunk)
8.The Fall (Front Sonore)
9.Dystopia (Barbarossa Umtrunk)
10.Dans Les Entrailles De Moloch (Barbarossa Umtrunk)
11.C'est Un Reve (Aka Dieudonné) Short (BU + FS)