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"Warzone K 17 - Live In Berlin"


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Release: 2009
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Funker Vogt - Warzone K 17 - Live In Berlin 2DVD

Who would have thought back in 1995 that Funker Vogt, originally a side project of Hameln band, Ravenous, would go on in record time to become one of the most popular German electronic acts. Yet Funker Vogt have never been everybody's darling: the frequently provocative themes of their lyrics - war and the military - consciously irritate and disturb, while at the same time their fan community has been growing continuously. Even early releases, such as "Thanks For Nothing" and "Tragic Hero", soon became EBM classics, and the duo consisting of Gerrit Thomas (keyboards) and Jens Kästel (vocals) has been complemented by Björn Böttcher (keyboards), Frank Schweigert (guitar) und Thomas Kroll (guitar) at the band's increasingly sophisticated live shows. At the very latest since the arrival of their last two studio albums, "Navigator" and "Aviator", it's been clear that Funker Vogt have become a force to be reckoned with on the electro scene - unwavering, indestructible and, above all, unmistakable. So a live retrospective of their creative oeuvre has long been overdue - and is now about to be released on a double opus which leave nothing to be desired. Recorded on 26 April 2008 at Berlin's K17, the opus feature a full concert consisting of all 22 hits from the past 12 years - a concert that was as raw, dynamic and unvarnished as we've come to know Funker Vogt. These are all original recordings, with nothing ironed out or added at the studio.Everything was recorded in top quality, filmed with 6 HD cameras plus camera crane in 5.1 surround sound. When it came to the mix, Funker Vogt put a lot of emphasis on the live atmosphere, so for the first time, the familiar Funker Vogt hits are presented on DVD the way we've known and loved them for years. But that's not nearly all: The second DVD includes "Wrestling, Shotguns, Trailer Parks", a 105-minute film which tells interested fans everything they've always wanted to know about their heroes, supported by interviews with the band and everybody involved, as well as tour impressions. Additional highlights are recordings from Funker Vogt's performances at the M'era Luna festivals 2002, 2004 and 2006, the 2004 concert in full length. These shows, as well as five tracks from the 2007 release "Aviator" (on DVD 1), round off the picture and document impressively the band's development over the years. And as if all that wasn't enough, there's also a slide show and fan interviews, giving the fans an opportunity to talk about Funker Vogt and how they see the band. In other words, "Warzone K17" has turned into a breathtaking offering and lasting document of Funker Vogt's position as unique EBM heroes.
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1.Date Of Expiration [Video/Live]
2.Child Soldier [Video/Live]
3.Final Thrill [Video/Live]
4.Thanks For Nothing [Video/Live]
5.Take Care [Video/Live]
6.Killing Ground [Video/Live]
7.City Of Darkness [Video/Live]
8.Black Hole [Video/Live]
9.Themes From Fallen Hero [Video/Live]
10.Fallen Hero [Video/Live]
11.Fortunes Of War [Video/Live]
12.Subspace [Video/Live]
13.White Trash [Video/Live]
14.Thanatophobia [Video/Live]
15.Tragic Hero [Video/Live]
16.Words Of Power [Video/Live]
17.History [Video/Live]
18.Maschine Zeit [Video/Live]
19.Killing Fields [Video/Live]
20.Gunman [Video/Live]
21.Funker Vogt 2nd Unit [Video/Live]
22.Intro (Aviatour 2007) [Video/Live]
23.Paralyzed (Aviatour 2007) [Video/Live]
24.Hostile Waters (Aviatour 2007) [Video/Live]
25.Child Soldier (Aviatour 2007) [Video/Live]
26.The End (Aviatour 2007) [Video/Live]
27.Date Of Expiration (M'era Luna 2002) [Video/Live]
28.Intro (M'era Luna 2004) [Video/Live]
29.Tragic Hero (M'era Luna 2004) [Video/Live]
30.Date Of Expiration (M'era Luna 2004) [Video/Live]
31.Maschine Zeit (M'era Luna 2004) [Video/Live]
32.Gunman (M'era Luna 2004) [Video/Live]
33.Final Thrill (M'era Luna 2004) [Video/Live]
34.Take Care (M'era Luna 2004) [Video/Live]
35.History (M'era Luna 2004) [Video/Live]
36.Killing Fields (M'era Luna 2004) [Video/Live]
37.Tragic Hero (M'era Luna 2006) [Video/Live]
38.Take Care (M'era Luna 2006) [Video/Live]
39.Killing Ground (M'era Luna 2006) [Video/Live]