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Future Sound Of London

"Accelerator-25th Anniversary Edition (Expanded)"


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Release: July 2016
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Future Sound Of London - Accelerator-25th Anniversary Edition (Expanded) CD

CD-Reissue des legendären Future Sound Of London Debütalbums "Accelerator" (1991) zum 25-jährigen Jubiläum. Erweitert um zwei Bonustracks, darunter den legendären Andrew Weatherall-Remix des Electronic-Klassikers "Papua New Guinea". Die Geburtsstunde der IDM (Intelligent Dance Music)!
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Label:Jumpin & Pumpin
2.Stolen Documents
3.While Others Cry
5.It's Not My Problem
6.Papua New Guinea
8.1 In 8
9.Pulse State
10.Central Industrial
11.Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Mix - 7" Version (Bonus Track)
12.Stolen Documents (Accelerated Mix) (Bonus Track)