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Garden Of Delight

"Paradise (Rediscovered 2013)"


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Release: 2013
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Garden Of Delight - Paradise (Rediscovered 2013) CD

‘Paradise’ was the 7th regular studio-album, their last on their original label Dion Fortune, predececessor to ‘Radiant Sons’ and following the band’s first live album ‘Symbolism Alive’ (both 1997).

‘Paradise is not only the last album in the ‘Heaven & Hell’ trilogy but also the VERY LAST album by this band. Right when the band is on their peak of success with sold out concerts and top sales of their records all around the planet, mastermind Artaud Seth decided to dismantle the band! As farewell to all his fans, he delivered an album that is for sure the strongest and most catchy so far! Once more Mythological ideas from other cultures are interwined into the music and lyrics…’
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Label:Solar Lodge
1.Spirit Lovers
4.Paradise Will Be There
5.Open The Gates Of Universe
6.Scheoul 3
8.The Circle Will Be Closed Forever