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Garden Of Delight

"Radiant Sons (Rediscovered 2013)"


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Release: 2013
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Garden Of Delight - Radiant Sons (Rediscovered 2013) CD

The very successful series of GARDEN OF DELIGHT cult album re-releases continues with the extremely well received album ‘Radiant Sons’, the first one to be released after a break of 3 years and the first on the new label Trinity (pre-Trisol).

The album features the single ‘Agony’. “With their reunion album ‘Radiant Sons’, this band has produced music that might go down in cult album history. A symphonic Gothic Rock release with a strong atmospheric element and haunting melodies from the twilight zone. Songs like the fierce ‘Last Day on Earth’ or the 12 minutes-lasting epic track ‘Astral Traveller’ will become evergreens and the most tragic and beautiful song ‘Obsessed’ or the clubhit ‘Agony’ will appeal without a doubt to all fans of Garden of Delight. For sure one of the most danceable and yet fragile, dark albums-releases in past years!’
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Label:Solar Lodge
1.Chaos Ad
6.Astral Traveller
8.Last Day On Earth