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Gary Numan

"The Plan"


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Release: 1999
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Gary Numan - The Plan CD

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Label:Beggars Banquet
1.The Plan
2.That's Too Bad
3.Oh! Didn't I Say
4.Out Of Sight
5.Bombers (Original Version)
6.My Shadow In Vain
7.This Machine (Steel And You)
8.Thoughts No. 2
9.Something's In The House
10.Check It
11.The Monday Troop
12.This Is My Life
15.Crime Of Passion
16.The Life Machine
18.Do Your Best (Friends)
19.Basic J
20.Blue Eyes
21.O.D. Receiver
22.Fadeout 1930
23.(Keine Titel-Information)
24.(Keine Titel-Information)
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