InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Gary Numan

"Tubeway Army"



Release: 1994
Status: Sold out
Gary Numan - Tubeway Army CD

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InfraRot item number:2159.050
Label:Beggars Banquet
1.Listen To The Sirens
2.My Shadow In Vain
3.The Life Machine
5.Something's In The House
6.Everyday I Die
7.Steel And You
8.My Love In A Liquid
9.Are You Real ?
10.The Deram Police
11.Jo The Waiter
12.Zero Bars (Mr. Smith)
13.Positive Thinking (At The Roxy) [Live]
14.Boys (At The Roxy) [Live]
15.Blue Eyes (At The Roxy) [Live]
16.You Don't Know Me (At The Roxy) [Live]
17.My Shadow In Vain (At The Roxy) [Live]
18.Me My Head (At The Roxy) [Live]
19.That's Too Bad (At The Roxy) [Live]
20.Basic J (At The Roxy) [Live]
21.Do Your Best (At The Roxy) [Live]
22.Oh! Didn't I Say (At The Roxy) [Live]
23.I'm A Poseur
24.White Light / White Heat (At The Roxy) [Live]
25.Kill St. Joy (At The Roxy) [Live]