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Genocide Organ

"Genocide Organ (Remastered)"


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Release: 2012
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Genocide Organ - Genocide Organ (Remastered) CD

Sound material recorded between 1985 and 1990 originally intended to be released in Japan in 1990 as Genocide Organ's second album. This long unavailable album is the missing link between 'Leichenlinie' and 'Save Our Slaves'. Some tracks were released later elsewhere, but to commemorate the first live appearance of Genocide Organ in Tokyo 1. March 2003 they were released for the first time together on CD.

This 2012 edition contains 3 bonus tracks taken from the (1991 & 1992) Japan-only acetate 7" releases. The complete material has been remastered by Jerome Nougaillon and comes in a digipak & booklet with different artwork.
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Label's catalogue number:tesco050
1.Death To China I
2.White Power Forces
6.Death To China IV
7.In The Ghetto
8.Born To Be Slaughtered
10.Und Morgen Die Ganze Welt
11.Torn Into Pieces
13.The Butcher Of Woodside