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"The Sound Of Love Impermanent"


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Release: 2010
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Ginormous - The Sound Of Love Impermanent CD

Electronica trifft auf Neoklassik-Elemente, Gitarren und Vocals - ein Soundtrack ohne Film.
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InfraRot item number:2006.177
Label's catalogue number:act245
1.Every Tooth Is Bared
2.North, Part 1
3.Joy When You Come
4.If The Sky Had Stitch Marks
5.Fallen For Nevers, Part 1
6.So You'll Know Where I Am
8.North, Part 2
9.The Splendor Of Gretel
10.Fallen For Nevers, Part 2
11.Hollow Ashes
12.A Darkness By Day
13.The Sound Of Love Impermanent
14.A Feather Is Re-glued To The Flight