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Release: 2013
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Glis - Phoenix CD

Almost 8 years have passed since the release of "Nemesis". 8 long years of growth and insight, of reflecting silence and chaotic noise, of death and (re)birth… Shaun Frandsen started recording new music again, but he has changed with time, he aged and started reflecting on the music from his youth. He went through a nostalgic period, listening to all of his old post-punk records, reliving the experience, drawing from its energy and somehow translating this in the studio...“Phoenix” is what happened.

The new GLIS studio album ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
Label's catalogue number:AM 1193
1.Apocalypse Parties
3.Dead Set 7Am
4.Keep The Memory
5.Death By Misadventure
6.Burned Up
8.Coldheart Tempo
9.Reprise: The Way You're Falling
10.Take It This Far
11.Watch Over You
12.Blue Sky Night
14.Stars In The Sea
15.Apocalypse Parties (Trashed By Elliott Berlin)