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Goblin / Claudio Simonetti's

"The Murder Collection (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Goblin / Claudio Simonetti's - The Murder Collection (Limited Edition) PLP

Picture disc + gatefold obi, hand-numbered edition of 499 copies

This GOBLIN / CLAUDIO SIMONETTI's THE MURDER COLLECTION, is a freshly collected compilation of classic tracks from various movie-soundtracks, that Goblin and Simonetti wrotefor Dario Argento’s legendary Horror movies (Deep Red, Suspiria, Dawn of the Dead…). On these versions, Titta Tani beats his drums much more gentle than on the recently released live versions and the general sound is kind of sweeter.
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1.A1 Profondo Rosso
2.A2 Suspiria
3.A3 Phenomena
4.A4 Dawn Of The Dead
5.B1 Roller
6.B2 Tenebre
7.B3 Non Ho Sonno
8.B4 E Suono Rock
9.B5 Zombi