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God Module

"Let’s go Dark"


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Release: 2014
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God Module - Let’s go Dark CD

Originally released (in limited digipak) on Out of Line in 2007, this 4th album by GOD MODULE is unavailable in Europe since 2011.

“Let’s Go Dark” is a menacing club- gorefest with the same amount of massive gloomy Electro- onslaught that we have come to expect from the group, plus a lot of ironic subtleties and tongue-in- cheek humor. Musically, Bangert and Co. are more versatile than ever – guaranteed floor burners, like the title song, “Beyond Fear” or “Undone” go hand in hand with acoustic horror films like “Spooky”… and “Corpses (A Zombie Love Song)” is most probably the first Hardfloor love ballad ever. This is clearly no album that will keep you “dead tired”! We go dark … and we like it!
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2.Let’S Go Dark
3.Corpses (A Zombie Love Song)
5.Falling In Space
6.Your True Face
8.Beyond Fear
9.Orange And Black