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God Module

"Psychic Surgery"


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Release: 2013
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-4 days
God Module - Psychic Surgery 2CD

Coming in Smartpak packaging! This release combines the long out of print “Perception” & “Victims among Friends” EPs into one release. Completely remastered, with all new artwork and featuring brand new, 2013 Versions of ‘Victims...’ and ‘The Ones we love’!
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Label's catalogue number:MET845
2.Perception (Infekktion Mix)
3.Perception (Culture Kultür Mix)
4.Perception (Dismantled Mix)
6.Transcend (The Parallel Project Mix)
7.Transcend ( Mix)
9.Interference (L’Ame Imortelle Mix)
10.Interference (Stromkern Mix)
11.Interference (Grendel Mix)
12.Victims Among Friends 2013
13.Victims Among Friends (Original)
14.The Ones We Love
15.Victims Among Friends (Suicide Commando Mix)
16.Resurrection Resurrected (Livevil Version)
17.The Ones We Love (The Parallel Project Mix)
19.Victims Among Friends (Amduscia Mix)
20.The Ones We Love (God Mod Club Mix)
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