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Guilt Trip

"Feed The Fire"


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Release: 2015
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Guilt Trip - Feed The Fire CD

GuiltTrip was born out of the ashes of ‘Chirurgie Esthetique’,stalwarts of Sweden’s industrial scene who were active throughoutthe nineties. Fuelled by dissent and incisive observations ofmankind’s less enticing traits, Guilt Trip have little time forposturing and prefer to go straight for the listener’s jugular.Despite being influenced by what post-industrial aficionadosterm the "Vancouver sound", shaped by precursors such asNUMB and SKINNY PUPPY, Guilt Trip have established an identity all oftheir own over the course of their three previous albums. The 12tracks on ‘Feed the’ Fire push the point further with theirmaelstrom of intricate, aggressive electronics and searing vocals."We are Guilt Trip. We exist in the in between as existence isrelative. We destroy to create, oppose to liberate and sodomize tonot be victimized. We are the splinter in our brother's and sister'seye. We spit in the face of “truth”, “reality” and authority.Deconstruct, revaluate, resist, react and expand. Sometimes personalbut always political as the personal is political. Everything isideology. A false universe. Rules + submission = culture. Disobey.Tear it all down and start again” Digipak with 8 page booklet andall lyrics. Crisp production, aggressive electronics and searingvocals
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Label:Complete Control Productions
3.Inanimate (Album Version)
4.Eternal Return
6.Once A Week Twice A Day
7.Reset 08 Life Spit Love
9.Crack Up
11.The Bright Side Of Lies