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Hanin Elias

"No Games No Fun"


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Hanin Elias - No Games No Fun CD

'No Games No Fun', the second solo album from Hanin Elias, singer and founding member of Atari Teenage Riot, is a powerful mix of industrial beats, crunchy, attacking synth lines, and Elias' alternately sultry and aggressive vocals. On 'Catpeople', Elias sounds a bit like Kathleen Hanna, making Elias' solo work sort of a dark, foreboding, and distinctly European companion to Hanna's Le Tigre.

It's fitting since Fatal Recordings ...
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2.One Of Us
4.Spirits In The Sky
5.Wanting A Machine
6.You Suck
7.Drop Out
8.Rockets Against Stones
10.The Bee
12.No Games No Fun
13.Falling Deep