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Hearts Of Black Science

"Signal (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Hearts Of Black Science - Signal (Limited Edition) LP

Progress Productions are proud to present one of their personal favorite acts now on Progress. The highly praised and hyped Swedish duo Hearts Of Black Science. The project already released two very acclaimed albums, that both got amazing reviews worldwide: ‘The Ghost you left behind’ on UK-based Club AC30 in 2007 and ‘The Star in the Lake’ in 2009 on Swedish Wonderland Records. On ‘Signal’ the band continues to develope dark atmospheric electronic landscapes with very dark Pop-oriented electronics, all wrapped up in a stunning production. Imagine a unique blend of The Cure, Editors, Depeche Mode and M83. This is for sure one of the strongest things to come out from Sweden this year and a band that will fit perfect to the strong label rooster together with Kite, Henric de la Cour and Agent Side Grinder among others.

The vinyl is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide and NO REPRESS will be made!!!
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Label:Progress Prod.
1.A1 Faces
2.A2 Protector
3.A3 Until Morning
4.A4 Timeless
5.A5 Unfolding (Feat. Chrysta Bell)
6.B1 Icon
7.B2 Waiting
8.B3 Wolves At The Border (Feat. Heike Langhans)
9.B4 We Saw The Moon